Shop At Home
There’s no better place to shop for flooring for you home than in your home.

Our Shop-At-Home consultant will bring a variety of flooring samples to your home at no cost to you and with no obligation to buy.

You’ll be able look at and compare carpet, hardwood, stone, laminate, cork, and more, right in your home. You’ll also be able to hold samples right next to your existing floors, furniture, cabinets, walls, and more.

It’s a simple process.

You can either call us now at 770-322-7373, or you can provide us your information below, and we’ll call you. When we talk on the phone, we’ll ask you a few simple questions about your home, decorating style, and the specific room or rooms in which you are considering new floors.

Based on your answers to these questions, our Shop-At-Home consultant will bring samples and come to your home at your requested appointment time.


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We Bring the Show Room to You!
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We bring samples to you.

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