Regardless of your level of flooring need, we have the right mix of products and services to fit the bill!

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Fully Sampled Showroom
Available to all customers & clients.  With all major manufacturers represented, Atlanta Flooring has a fully sampled trade showroom which is made available to all customers and their clients during regular business hours or by convenient appointment. We emphasize the more popular products and commodity styles for the widest of possible applications for residential and commercial jobs.

General Quotes by Phone
For quick estimating and general ideas on residential floorcovering costs.  If you need a good general idea of what new flooring may cost we can help! Give us a call with a brief description of your house and what you'd like to accomplish. In most cases, we can give you an estimate range that will be within 5% of the actual expense. This will give you an idea of how much your new carpet job will cost. From the initial estimate given it is a simple matter to estimate for upgrade qualities.

For real estate investors or selling agents we've prepared a simple method to determine flooring costs as related to your deal. For this expanded information, please click here. We're also working on a database of information which will supply yardage information on the more common traditional and modern residential floorplans.

Expert On-Site Analysis and Comprehensive Quotes in Writing
Our mark of full-service excellence.   This service level accompanies each request for full service sales  and installation. Following our phone consultation the first step is to  visit the job site to assess the overall need and note the site conditions. If the house is a restoration project we will make recommendations for  repairs to be made that are necessary to effect a quality installation. We will then take the necessary measurements and render an 1/8th scale diagram of the entire layout. This will determine yardage  requirements, proper seam placement and optimal use of waste generated by the installation.

This gathering of all related detail is then converted into a comprehensive written quote and submitted for  your approval.  For a reasonable service fee, we also provide custom measuring and estimating services for contractors, Insurance claim estimates, decorators, related trades, and cash & carry customers.  Any fees assessed for this level of service is fully refundable if the service then result in the purchase of a full service material and installation package from Atlanta Flooring.

Installation Packages
We specialize in complete, hassle free installation packages.  The complete package, Carpet, Pad, tax, labor, according to your schedule. This is the one stop approach which takes all the hassle out of your planning.  This service package includes the abovementioned on-site analysis, all the way through the complete installation.

Cash & Carry Program
Savings for the do-it-yourselfer.  We ship anywhere!
This is the ultimate savings deal for the do-it-yourselfer or the "Dalton tripper."   The term "cash & carry" applies to any purchase made at Atlanta Flooring where we are not directly related to or responsible for the service or installation of the materials being sold.  You literally come to our store, make your selection (from either stock or special order), pay for the selection and take it with you.  If you require installation, we can help you with a referral to a qualified installer with whom you can work with directly.  For the cash & carry savings, most selections are sold at 10% or less over actual material cost.  Atlanta Flooring is able to give you a quote on any carpet style from most major manufacturers.

Insurance Estimating
For damage claims and adjustments.  While some larger insurers will handle damage estimates directly via their flooring affiliates, in most cases smaller property & casualty insurers will require the homeowner to obtain three written estimates for flooring damage replacement.  For a reasonable service fee, we will provide custom measuring & estimating services for any residential Insurance claim estimate.  If you want, we will submit the written proposal directly to your insurer on your behalf.  The service fees assessed for any insurance damage replacement estimate are fully refundable if the estimate then results in the purchase of a full service material and installation package from Atlanta Flooring.

Edge Binding and Serging
For runners and area rugs.  We have in shop capabilities for all needs requiring edge binding, serging, carpet wall base, finge edges, matting, bordering, and any other edge treatments imaginable.  Some of the more common applications for edge treatments are: stair runners, hall runners, area rugs of any size & shape, wall hangings, fringe replacement or repair, door mats, etc. Most requests can be serviced within one week.

Stocking Inventory
Rentals and rehab projects.  With cost control in mind and geared specifically to apartment units duplexes, and single family rentals or re-sells, Atlanta Flooring regularly stocks seven colors of FHA certified, 25 ounce, 100% nylon, base grade carpets, three mid-grade berber styles, several commercial loop pile carpets, and ten patterns of base grade vinyl flooring.  We also offer over 50 additional colors of base grades that are available on a two-day special order basis.  Even the most price sensitive customers will appreciate the quality and low cost of our installed package prices, which are generally priced 30% to 40% lower than regular retail.  We also stock three running line mid grade berber styles and several commercial loop styles.

For management companies and realtors.  We will supply your office with samples of our in-stock standardized offerings plus any other upgrade materials you may care to offer to your clients or potential buyers.  We can also ship samples to any out of state owners who wish to make their own color choices.  Our office is available to your clients for any related technical assistance, and recommendations. We regularly produce informative fliers and articles designed to enhance your product and application knowledge, equipping you to make the best flooring choices for your clients.

Specialty Real Estate Services
Our specialty is our set of uniquely tailored programs designed to meet the particular service requirements of the real estate industry at large.   Our specialty services  include programs for retail real estate sales, rental property owners, rehab investors, related general contractors, property managers and the general residential property management industry.

Trade Related Support Services
We offer extended business and related support services to the flooring related trade such as:

>Materials sales arrangements to flooring installers
>Materials warehousing, short or long term
>Direct sales & support to contractors
>Installer recommendations to cash & carry
>Sales & support to freelance or independent flooring
>Insurance claim work & related liaison 
>Related business development assistance.

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